How To Negotiate As A Nurse - Crash Course
You KNOW You Deserve More...

Doesn't it suck when you go into an interview for a job that you're so excited to get and they call you letting you know that they loved and you are so excited to offer you the job.....and then they pitch you the offer and they completely LOW-BALL you

Or when you go for you yearly evaluation with your manager who tells you how to got marked "above average" on all of the hospital expectations, but your pay increase will be $0.40 because that's what all are receiving with that rank, even thought you KNOW you bring so much more to the table. 

It's incredibly insulting, right?

Here you are, an incredibly VALUABLE hard working nurse who comes to the table at a new institution with ALL of these strengths, credentials, and positive attributes that contribute to both the morale of your hospital and the positive outcomes/satisfaction with your patients, but yet you're offered a dollar amount less or equal to what you've been making...

Doesn't seem fair, right? Well, it's not. 

And I'm here to let you know that "that's just how it is" doesn't cut it for me and it shouldn't for you! 

But listen...... Do you ever even think to negotiate as a Nurse? I know, that word kinda makes you uncomfortable, doesn't it?

It used to make me too, until I learned some cold hard truths about what others were receiving in my profession! For Nurses, we don't even think negotiating is in the question. 

That it's even possible! 

We're told at every job we apply to that they go by a "pay scale" and there's nothing they can do about it but the truth is that the first offer a hospital gives to you 9/10 times is not the best that they can do!

It's time you learned how to negotiate with confidence just like these Nurses have...

What other nurses are saying:
Remember, the answer is ALWAYS no if you never ask.

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What You'll Learn:

What you CAN Negotiate as a Nurse (contract buyouts, schedule, benefits, PTO, and more) 

 How to do Market Research to find out what others are making in your area 

Script to hold email & in-person convos around negotiating 

 How to negotiate confidently and not feel awkward or weird asking for what you want 

 The Mindset that will change the future of your career and your income!

New Bonuses Just Added...

Real life examples of what Nurses have been able to negotiate in their career (This will blow your mind!)

Script on how to pitch negotiations & counter offers with recruiters

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